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# Get Out the Lab
## Story
A crazy scientist made a bunch of clones and made them kill each other until only one is left. You have weapons to fight, try to survive to **GET OUT THE LAB!**
## Controls
The controls of the game are pretty simple, just use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot. You can pick up weapons with E and drop them with Q. Use the consummables with numbers from 1 to 6.
You can also restart the game at anytime by pressing R.
### Release notes
This is everything I had time for, I was planning to do much more stuff but is hard to make it possible in 10 days and just one person. I'll continue developing this game, the next updates will focus on improving optimization, enemy AI and adding fog of war to make the game more funny. I plan to update the map as well.
Hope you like the game, as I said is not what I planned to make but I think is still playable.
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