A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

JamDNA 6 Submission

Bot Rush is a Endless Runner in which you will have to avoid the obstacles to beat your highscore!


-Jump with Spacebar

-Jump in air to drift (this will consume your battery). Once 'drifting' you can either press Jump again or press 'S' or down arrow to drop to the ground without jumping

Jam Criteria:

-Endless Runner: The game generates obstacles until you die. Faster the longer you survive

-Fantasy: Is set in a virtual world in which AI has overcome humans

-Devil May Care: Control a robot wothout feelings and take him through a really dangerous enviroment. He will die... but who cares?

-Epic Music: I did my best to compose a soundtrack that seemed 'epic' to me. The base of the soundtrack is a synthetic choir.




-LMMS Studio


-Clip Studio Pro Paint



-TextMesh Pro

Any other asset was made from scratch by me in the Jam period, including the soundtrack.

Install instructions

Unrar and play!


Bot Rush for Windows 22 MB
Bot Rush for Mac 23 MB


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the mac build doesnt work.. :c

ouch ! sorry I have no way of testing in mac... I'll try to find a solution, thank you for the comment

Ok so I do builds for Mac and Windows. The zip process should be exactly the same, if not send me some screen shots and ill see if I can help. (not through discord cause I can't go on discord)