Board Wars is a game about ancient board games, in which the player will learn about different cultures while playing their best board games. As every other board game, Board Wars will have a multiplayer matchmaking option, and also an Arcade mode with random games and ascending difficulty, everything made with a careful visuals.

Current Features:

-The Royal Game of Ur: Ancient board game from Sumer. Currently only playable against AI


Currently the game development is cancelled due to lack of time, I'll most likely continue the development at some point but I can't say when. Even so, the game is playable and you'll be able to try a game that you probably never heard about.

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Board Wars for Windows 47 MB

Install instructions

Unpack and Play!!

Development log


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For some reason i see only a black screen, with a box that says dice count in the bottom...

Its like a board game!

Nice game!