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Love the combo system. I like the tradeoff between keeping the combo going, or grabbing the weapon and aiming (I usually play stupid and just keep the combo going, though). You can kind of use the weapon "melee-style" if you move around while an enemy is running into you, which is cool, but it does make defeating skeletons (and keeping a combo) really easy.

Hi drakecaiman! Thank you for playing, I'm glad you liked it, Im still developing the game and I'm planning to add more enemies, weapons and maybe a boss system. I won't upgrade the browser version that much because is very time consumming, but I'll definetly add the major upgrades to it.

Awesome.  Every one knows you need warhammers or maces to bash skeletons though.  The shurikans would just get stuck.

hahahahhaa :)) thank you I'll take note. One of the next steps will be adding more weapons so I'll make that hammer to make sure you can crush those skeletons

1084 score ;)

That's nice!! thank you for playing, my highscore was around 1400, try to beat that hahahaha ;)

This is really cool! I really like the mechanic of grabbing the blade and throwing it again. I think you should keep developing this!

Thank you so much, I really like it too so I'll definetly keep developing this one